Arthur is the Assistant Director at VIP4C and a doctoral researcher at the department of Human Development, Learning and Culture (HDLC) at the University of British Columbia (UBC), on the executive board of the International Council for Philosophical Inquiry with Children (ICPIC) and the Education Director at the Thinking Playground. He has taught courses at UBC and works with teachers and students in schools. His research concerns Philosophy for Children (P4C) and the work of 20th century French philosopher Gilles Deleuze and focuses on the concepts of Learning Affect and Thinking Immanence. This involves questions like “What are the roles of affect, emotions, and feelings in thinking and learning?” and, following from that, “What does an affective conception of thinking look like?” and “What are the pedagogical implications of this?” Finally, Arthur aims to show that the manner in which thinking and learning operate for Deleuze have important pedagogical implications for the theoretical and practical cornerstone of P4C: The Community of Philosophical Inquiry (CPI). Based on these implications he develops several pedagogical innovations.

Arthur has published with UNESCO on, for example, the Asia-Arab Philosophical Dialogues, and academic articles with Routledge and various journals.