Arthur Wolf

ArthurNurturing imagination and cultivating solidarity have been Arthur’s goals while travelling across the world. Last year he set up the organization Butterflies In My Head (BIMH) in Japan and organized philosophy cafés in community centres to develop philosophical sensibilities among its participants. While in South Korea he worked in a Philosophy for Children (P4C) institute combining the teaching of English with philosophy. The primary school students loved this new approach to learning a foreign language! Before moving to South Korea, Arthur worked for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) promoting the teaching of philosophy in primary and secondary education in Asia and the Pacific. While with UNESCO, with its main office for Asia and the Pacific in Bangkok, Thailand, he organized workshops, international conferences and analysed national and local curricula looking for philosophy related goals. Since September 2013, Arthur has been pursuing his PhD in philosophy, psychology and education at the University of British Columbia. He is especially interested in developing a concept-based curriculum accompanied by a pedagogy that aims to stimulate the development of philosophical sensibilities and care for others. In the future, he wants to bring this curriculum and pedagogy to help set up an educational infrastructure in developing regions of the world.