JICUF-VIP4C Learning Experience in Ivory Coast


Welcome to this learning experience organized by Arthur C. Wolf (Ph.D.) from the Vancouver Institute of Philosophy for Children (VIP4C) and The Thinking Playground in collaboration with Professor Mikiko Nishimura from ICU and the generous funding and support of JICUF. 

Arthur, our assistant director, secured a generous grant from the Japan International Christian University foundation. The grant allowed (and continues to allow) Arthur to set up a philosophical program at the Contemporary Art Museum (MUCAT) and the Anador High School in Abobo, Ivory Coast. The Philosophy for Children (P4C) prorgam concerns Critical, Creative and Cooperative Thinking Skills and Communal Dialogue. In addition, it allowed Arthur create and teach an online introduction course on P4C, Art and Cultural Differences to Japanese students who then also visit Ivory Coast to participate in the newly set up programs.

Learning experiences

  • Online workshops in Philosophy for Children, Art and Cultural Differences
  • 12-day visit to Côte d’Ivoire
  • Visits to the Contemporary Art Museum (MUCAT) and to the local school
  • Learning how to combine art with philosophical inquiry for children
  • Visit to the International School to experience a different educational environment
  • Education & Culture conference supported by the Japanese embassy at the Japan Corner at the University Félix Houphouet Boigny
  • UNICEF ‘Plastic Bricks’ school project
  • Ivorian history and colonial heritage tour in Grand Bassam
  • Local cuisine and atmosphere!
Philosophy for Children class at Anador in Abobo, Abidjan. We are having a group discussion here with the Japanese and Ivorian students.
VIP4C Certificates for Students