Philosopher In Residence Program

One option for infusing inquiry-based teaching and learning across the curriculum and enhance the agency of your students is to adopt the Philosopher in Residence Program.
This program includes an introduction of two 5-hour days from one of the directors. Thereafter, one associate of VIPC is embedded into a school for five full days (not necessarily congruent), providing all stakeholder groups within a school—students, teachers, parents, administrators, advisory boards, etc.—the opportunity to experience the Philosophy for Children program directly.

All teachers who have completed the above, including being supervised for 2 CPI’s, will receive a “level 1 teacher’s certificate” for teaching Philosophy for Children from  VIP4C.

Levels 2 and 3 training are also available. These courses will be constructed according to what best suits local parameters.

Summary of Key Benefits

Introduction to Philosophy for Children by one of the VIPC directors. Thereafter, one VIPC associate with extensive experience with the Philosophy for Children Program will be available for any/all of the following:

  • Daily P4C demonstration classes
  • Co-teaching P4C materials
  • Curriculum development and integration meetings with your individual staff members
  • Planning and strategy meetings with your school’s administrative teams and advisory groups
  • Customized training around the P4C curricula most appropriate for your school
  • Recommendations for additional training and ongoing support


One associate will be embedded and the base price is $4000 (expenses not included) for optimally 15 teachers. Individual schools are welcome to join together to share both costs and programming.